Friday, February 15, 2013

Bike Racks and Church

Thanks to Legacy Cyclists who donated the funds
Several months ago I wrote about The Bikeable Church by Sean Benesh. The idea of a bike-friendly church captured my attention, and we now have bike racks placed around our church campus.

Why? Plano and North Dallas have a large cycling population. We have a cycling group connected to Legacy Church that includes over 50 riders.

We provide parking places for car. Why not bicycles?

Sam and Paul installing a rack

The issue for me is that in our community cycling is a hobby and not part of our day-to-day lives. (Some would say our faith is like that too.)

My hope is that we can take away the excuse, "If I did ride my bike to church or work, there's no place to put my bike."

My prayer is that more churches and businesses will provide for those who will ride instead of drive. You now have no excuse to ride your bike to Legacy on a beautiful day.

Paul Olson, Me, Sam Montag, Jim Hoyt, Mike Tenbusch
Thanks to Tim Parker (not pictured), Legacy Cyclists, and Richardson Bike Mart who donated and installed the racks. 

You'll hear more about our bike-friendly campus in time, but I wanted you to know you can ride your bike to Legacy Church this weekend!Tell a friend. Make Legacy a destination as part of your Sunday morning outing.

Getting ready to go on our weekly Sunday ride


Pastor Sam said...

Love it, Gene. Well done. Great idea, as usual for you, and meaningful for our community and times.

Wally said...

When my office decided to be come LEED certified (sustainable construction) they decided to put bike racks in. Initially they were to be outside. However several objected to this. Why? A rack full of $1000 bicycles is a tempting target for thieves. Consider some inside as well.

faithrunner said...

a good suggestion...haven't thought of that. Of course, we could ride cheaper bikes too ;-)