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Meek is not Weak

Meek? Definitely Cute!
To be meek is not to be weak. When Jesus blessed--announced God's favor upon--those who had gathered that day to hear his inaugural address he pinpointed the meek ones. (Matt. 5:5) He promised they would inherit the earth.

Meek is not in the world's dictionary of what it takes to get things done; and, getting things done is the goal of life, right?

I went into a friend's office one day several years ago and saw on his desk the sign:
If the meek inherit the earth, what do we tigers get?
I thought it funny at the time, but I later realized that my friend had completely misread Jesus' promise to those who followed him.

What does meek mean?

In my book, A New Way of Living: Practicing the Beatitudes everyday, I describe the biblical word to mean "power under control." (111) It is translated "gentle" in Jesus' famous self-description of himself. (Matthew 11:29) Jesus, however, was anything but gentle as we use it.He never compromised his calling, and he refused to waver even when faced with an unjust trial and torturous death.

When Scripture lists evidence of the Holy Spirit living in a person's life, it lists "gentleness" or meekness as one of those characteristics.(Gal. 5:22-23)

Meekness is placing power under the control of another or principle. Like a wild horse broken and guided by a cowboy's bridle to cut cattle, we give all we have and are to the control of God so we may be effective for divine purposes.
Meekness is evidence that the Spirit of God lives in us. It is what we clothe ourselves with as we put on our new lives in Christ. (Col. 3:12; p 113)
Meek is not weak. I submit that the great men and women in our lives--if we observed them long enough--would find they are meek. They willingly give themselves to God and/or a greater purpose than those things that serve their wishes.Their power, personality, and resources are directed by God for His purposes rather than investing them all for their comfort and enjoyment.

Meekness is a benchmark for spiritual wellness. If you want to read more about how you can be spiritually fit, you can start here.

What does meek mean to you? Who is a meek person in your life? How can you live meekly today?