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Kudos for The Bible

Kudos for The Bible television series! The producer of the series, Mark Burnett and his wife, Roma Downey, have invested their time, talents and treasures to bring the story of God's redemptive love as told in The Bible to television. Their faithful presentation of the story has people watching, talking, AND reading the Bible. 

Thank you, Mark and Roma, for your investment in a media that is accessible to millions and vividly more appealing than my sermons. I expect many of us who tell the story week after week will use clips from the series multiple times in the future.

Jesus and His disciples, Episode 4
Almost 11 million people watched the third installment, beating the previously more popular shows on ABC and CBS. Don't tell me people are not interested in what the Bible has to say. They just don't come to church to hear it as much as before.

It is also reported,
Every Sunday during the series, the YouVersion Bible App has been in the top 25 out of over 800,000 apps on iTunes. [That's over 87 million downloads!]
It's also the #1 topic in Twitter world. #TheBible, @bibleseries Like it or not, we are talking about The Bible, and that is a plus for me.

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I have appreciated the quality of the cinematography, acting, and choices of the stories. Budget and time limit what can be produced, and while some key stories are absent, those that are portrayed tell the story of God's character and love accurately. 

Yes, there is some artistic license, like ninja angels in Sodom, but those extras enhance the viewer's experience and are consistent with what television watchers expect. These additions do not pollute the story nor misrepresent the essential truths told in The Bible.

My only criticism is that Jesus is still a white, British-speaking guy, Diogo Morgado. (Okay, he's Portuguese.) He does a superb job of portraying Jesus. His eyes and facial expressions are powerful and piercing. He is believable and his emotions are real. I just figure there is an Israeli or Palestinian actor somewhere who could play Jesus someday. 

Watch the finale this Sunday evening with your family. 
Invite friends over. 
Buy the series and invite your neighbors over to watch it commercial-free! Let them tell you what they know and think of The Bible.
The Burnett's have given us a way to show and tell the greatest story ever told. Use it!