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You have all you need to get started

Ever wonder who to get a group started or form people around a cause to meet a need?

Here is a conversation I had with a friend in facebook.

Bottom line: you already have all you need to start with those you meet with now. 

My Friend:

Hey, any suggestions on how to go about putting together a men's fellowship group? Ideas to get us started and make us successful. Is there "An Idiot's Guide to... " for this? ha ha It is me and some friends and we want to assemble something. Any input or advice is appreciated!

My Response:

This is great! You know about grass root movements and how they start and grow. You probably have all you need in the group to get started

a common cause or interest, [this is what has brought some of you together]
a natural or spiritually gifted leader, [someone who can champion the cause or interest and influence others to do so]
supporters, [those who are attracted to the cause and will help where needed]
connectors, [those who will naturally invite others and know ways to include others] and
a list of activities that serve the cause. [things you already like or want to do when you get together]

The first question is, "So, why do we want to hang out together? What does this group of guys offer me that others don't or can't?" The answers that arise from the existing group who are already connected, and that will become what you invite others to join.

As you also know, the surroundings match the purpose of the group. Wherever you are meeting now may be sufficient to get going, so, no need to rent a joint or design the national headquarters just yet.

Start where you are with who is there for the reason you have gathered. 

You will be surprised at what can come of what you already have.