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Cycling To Work (and back home) in DFW!

I have officed in Las Colinas for about two years. Before then the B. H. Carroll Theological Institute offices were in downtown Arlington. Living in Plano, I assumed I could never commute on my bike to work. The distance and with city streets 99% of the way, it would be too risky and the traffic would be horrendous at rush hours.

Thanks to my friend, Jeff Holder, who cycles to his office frequently, I experienced a relatively safe route to work on my bike; 100% pedaling with no public transit assistance.

My ride to the office (minus the ride from my house to where I met Jeff) began at 0500 at my house. I have a Urban500 bike headlight, and it worked well. Only drawback was it has a 1.5 hour rechargeable battery that lasted until daylight but would not be helpful beyond that time limit.

Traffic was light (surprise!) until we got close to the Valley View/635 interchange about 0645 or so. But even then Jeff had steered the path through parking lots and less-traveled roads to get me to my office.
My Route to the Office from Plano to Las Colinas
Jeff has showers and lockers at his office. I don't. It was a relatively cool day so a spit bath and change of clothes in the restroom sufficed. I had several meetings at the Carroll Center that day and no one asked, "What's that smell?" I guess I was fine. However, carrying a change of clothes and shoes in a backpack does add to the weight and heat of the ride. I've got to figure that one out. Any suggestions?

My ride home was solo. I had to leave the office earlier than Jeff to make a dinner appointment. I was able to retrace my tracks by memory. (My cycling friends would be surprised that is possible, since I tend to get lost on trips I lead with them.) Traffic did not get bad until the last legs in Plano. Only one jerk needed to let me know I was not welcome on his street.

My Route Home from Plano to Las Colinas

I will commute to work again on my bike. It may be when the temps go below 90 again, but it is possible to safely commute on a bike from Plano to Las Colinas. If you have any other routes or ideas, let me know...and, I'll see you on the road!