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Two More Unexpected Things

I have not been here for some time because I have been writing like crazy to meet two deadlines. One is a small group listening guide for Legacy in our next series, Escape the Blur: slowing down to make room for God. I'm hurrying up to slow down!

The second deadline is the second installment of the biblical overview for Clarity Press. A little over a year ago Yahweh: Divine Encounters in the Old Testament came out. It was an overview of the Old Testament. I am finishing up the overview of the Gospels called, Christos. I will finish this week. I will write every morning on Jesus' Passion, which coincides with this year's Holy Week. I look forward to some wonderful times encountering my Leader and Rescuer in both word and spirit.

Oh, the unexpected things?

The first was that 22 people rode with the Legacy Cyclists last Sunday! The group has grown from 3 a year ago to almost 40 in the "roster." Very cool.

Many of us are training for the MS 150 in May. (More about that later) Others for triathlons and others just getting started. It's a great group...Sundays at 4:00 at Legacy. Come on!

The second is that Baylor was selected as a team in the NCAA Basketball Tournament! First time in 20 years. I really thought after the Colorado loss in the Big 12 tourney it would not be a possibility, but here we are. Who knows, maybe we'll pull out some upsets, but just getting in gives me bragging rights for a little while.

Check out the reaction of the students here.