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Day of Prayer and Fasting--Spend Less

Spend Less

Read Luke 2: 7, 11-12. Why on earth would God allow his only son to be born in a barn, the scent of dirt, animals, hay, feed, and the other aromas in the stagnant air to be the first smells he experienced? Why give him to Mary and Joseph instead of a more prosperous family? Why allow Jesus to become a refugee, fleeing to Egypt as a young toddler?

Earthly rulers throughout history have been overthrown for having a disconnect with the working class. Not so with Jesus. He chose to leave the splendor of heaven to be a savior people could touch. He chose to have a physical body with all the experiences we have: laughter, hunger, frustration, exhaustion, weariness, loneliness, love, friendship, betrayal. He hit his thumb with his hammer, experienced the irritation of an insect bite, and felt the aches in his muscles after a long day’s work. He definitely knew what it was like to be rejected and displaced.

Spend some time thanking God that He understands your every need and emotion.

Praise Him. Ask Him to encourage you where you need Him in your life right now. Then ask Him to show you how you can be a blessing to others.

Are you willing to buy one less gift and use that money to give to someone less fortunate?
Ask God to provide for you abundantly so you may give more to Legacy so we can all help people trust Jesus. (See some possible ways to give during Advent here.)